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Butler County Water System, Inc. will begin modernizing water meter reads in Butler County starting this month with an early 2019 completion date.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and leak detection technology will enable Butler Water employees to read meters remotely, safely, and accurately via wireless signals. The new technology is safe and precise at capturing the same information collected from the manually read meters, yet faster and more efficiently.

“Butler Water owns and maintains approximately 4,800 water meters. Each meter is an essential part of Butler Water’s distribution system, responsible for measuring each customer’s actual
water use for billing purposes,” explained John Dix, BCWS General Manager.  “We have been researching and planning behind the scenes for several years to launch an AMR and leak detection technology to improve service in both urban and rural areas of our system.”

Advanced acoustical leak sensors will also be strategically placed to assist Butler Water in identifying leaks in main lines and services before they become potential major interruptions. The reduction in water loss will benefit both the customer and Butler Water.

BCWS Board President Weymouth Martin added, “AMR and leak detection technology will reduce water loss and costs by detecting continuous leaks in our water system. The new technology increases daily meter reading capacity with less vehicles driven, reducing pollution.  With so many benefits, we look forward to the completion of this project.”

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