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Suspicious Water Theft FAQs

How to spot theft?

Anyone operating a fire hydrant that is not an employee of Butler County Water System or with the Fire Department is in violation of the law and is stealing water.  Trucks with water tanks (except for fire trucks) are not authorized to operate fire hydrants.

What is cross-connection control and how does it protect the public drinking water system?

Cross-connection control is the elimination or isolation of a physical link between the public water distribution system and any foreign substance. It prevents the contamination of the public drinking water by not allowing the reverse flow of water from a contaminated source back into the drinking water system. Illegal and careless connections carry the risk of contaminating our water supply, damaging water lines/fire hydrants and lowering the pressure on the system.

Who do I contact if I suspect water is being stolen?

Please call our offices at 270-526-4656 to report possible illegal activity.  

Main Office 270.526.2456 Emergency/After Hours 270.526.2456