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Plumber vs. Butler Water FAQs

Should you call Butler Water or a plumber?

Our on-call personnel are available whenever you need them. However, there are some problems that require the services of a licensed plumber and not Butler Water.

As shown in the diagram below, Butler Water is responsible for all facilities that lead up to, and include, your water meter. All water lines and plumbing past the water meter are owned by the customer and are the customer’s responsibility. If the problem is on the “customer’s” side of the meter, a plumber will need to resolve the problem.  

We are here to help. If you’re not sure who to call, contact us at 270-526-4656 or after hours at 270-526-2456. We’ll do our best to assist you in determining the source of the problem. Our primary goal is to provide assistance, but if we respond to an emergency and determine the problem is not related to our facility, you will be charged a service call fee to cover the cost of the visit.

My pipes might be frozen?

If you turn on your faucets during the winter and nothing comes out, leave them on – your pipes may be frozen. You may contact us at 270-526-4656 to see if the problem lies on our side or if you need to call a licensed plumber. If you request us to visit your property to determine the source of the problem and we discover the problem is not on our side, you will be charged a $25 service fee during regular hours or $65 after hours.

If you believe that your water pipes have frozen and burst, turn off the water through the main shut-off valve in the house. Make sure your household knows where the shut-off valve is and how to turn it on and off.

Never attempt to thaw frozen pipes by using a blow torch or open flame. Although it’s better to contact a licensed plumber, you may thaw parts of the water line by using a hair dryer. Start warming the pipe as close to the faucet as possible and work your way down. Do not use electrical appliances in the presence of standing water.

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